• Our Journey

    Our commitment to great design has extended into making better business choices that minimise our impact on people and the planet. For 2022, we’re focusing on four key areas where we can really make a difference. This is just the start of our journey, so keep checking back for updates.

  • Responsible Sourcing

    We are committed to responsible and ethical product sourcing. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations for our suppliers to adhere to strict human rights, labor, and environmental protection standards in their procurement and manufacturing processes. We also view product-ingredient and sourcing transparency as paramount to the customer experience. Through our Shop Sustainably feature, shoppers can discover products that meet global environmental and social certifications or standards, as indicated by suppliers.

  • Carbon Offsetting

    At Nordic Abode, we allocate a small percentage of your order total to investing in carbon offsetting technologies. This helps offset the carbon emissions produced by our orders. This is why we have partnered with Stripe green to allocate 1.5 % of your order amount to their green fund. Shop at Nordic Side and help a growing group of ambitious businesses changing the course of carbon removal. Here are some of their 2021 projects:

  • Seachange leverages the power and scale of the world’s oceans to remove carbon. Their experimental electrochemical process sequesters CO₂ in seawater as carbonates, an inert material comparable to seashells, thereby enabling energy-efficient and permanent CO₂ removal.

  • Running Tide removes carbon by growing kelp in the open ocean. After maximum growth, the free-floating lines of kelp sink to the deep ocean where the embodied carbon is stored for the long term. Running Tide’s approach is simple and scalable, powered by photosynthesis, ocean currents and gravity.

  • Over geological timescales, CO₂ chemically binds to minerals and permanently turns to stone. Heirloom is building a direct air capture solution that enhances this process to absorb CO₂ from the ambient air in days rather than years, and then extracts the CO₂ to be stored permanently underground.

  • Mission Zero electrochemically removes CO₂ from the air and concentrates it for a variety of sequestration pathways. Their experimental room-temperature process can be powered with clean electricity and has the potential to achieve low costs and high volumes using modular, off-the-shelf equipment.

  • Why is it important?

    Today, carbon removal solutions face a chicken-and-egg problem. As early technologies, they’re more expensive, so don’t attract a critical mass of customers. But without wider adoption, they can’t scale production to become cheaper.

    Early purchasers can help new carbon removal technologies get down the cost curve and increase adoption of these technologies that help offset carbon emissions, like DNA sequencing, hard drive capacity, or solar panels.

    This thinking shaped our initial commitment and first purchases. If a broad coalition of like-minded buyers commits substantial investment, we’re optimistic that we can shift the trajectory of the industry and increase the likelihood the world has the portfolio of solutions needed.



Our packaging team regularly evaluates opportunities to use more efficient and sustainable materials and methods. The team works to ensure that our products arrive damage-free and with a lower environmental footprint through efforts like reducing excess air space in boxes and utilizing recyclable packing materials.



We continuously evaluate renewable energy and carbon-reduction strategies that address the impacts of our operations, including investing in renewable energy credits for our eight most energy-intensive sites. In our commitment to reduce waste across our supply chain, we plan to donate hundreds of pieces of furniture each year to local nonprofits.

Shopping Sustainable Products

At Nordic Abode, our goal is to help customers easily find products that meet their needs, which often includes meeting higher global standards for design and manufacturing. That’s why we’ve added new search functionality and icons across our sites to enable shoppers to easily identify products that have sustainability-focused features. We’re actively partnering with our suppliers to provide more products like these on our store.

  • ENERGY STAR Certified

    Through intelligent design, these products use less energy than would otherwise be required and are independently certified to meet strict standards for energy efficiency set by the EPA ENERGY STAR® Certification.

    Environmentally Preferred

    Environmentally Preferred products have a reduced impact on human health and the environment in comparison to similar products and often have a lower carbon footprint. This includes products that are sourced in accordance with higher social and environmental standards - for both textiles (cotton, wool, down, etc.) and wood.

    GREENGUARD Certified

    Products that have achieved GREENGUARD Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards, helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure, while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments.

  • Organic

    Products marked as Organic contain materials that have been produced using methods that promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity and often include practices such as maintaining or enhancing soil and water quality; conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife; and avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers, and genetic engineering. An Organic label may only often refer to one component of the product, such as an organic pillow cover, with a non-organic polyester fill. Refer to product descriptions for further details.


    Hypoallergenic products are CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® and aim to avoid common allergens.

    Local Community Empowerment

    These products are certified to meet rigorous labor standards or are sourced from organizations that support their communities, empower their workers, and support local economic development initiatives.

  • Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed Wood is wood that has lived another life and has been repurposed to form something brand-new.


    Products with this icon contain pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled content that has been diverted and recovered from the waste stream. A Recycled label may only often refer to one component of the product, such as a chair that includes a seat cushion with recycled plastic filling.

    Water Efficient

    Products with the water-efficient icon use less water than would otherwise be required and are EPA WaterSense Certified.

    Made Clean

    Made Clean products contain fewer substances that could be harmful to people or the environment and often have certifications for low chemical emissions, resulting in improved indoor air quality.